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Regina DeLuca

I decided to hire Heidi Fletcher to choreograph my fitness routine for the 2009 Jay Cutler Classic contest in Boston because I had always been impressed with her own routines during her fitness career.  One thing that stood out to me was her ability to have a great energetic routine that displayed her talents very well, despite her not having a background in gymnastics. 

I picked out a theme and she took the time to do a phone consult to review ideas for music and guided me through the order process.  She even took the initiative to contact the music choreographer to make sure it was done right. 

The next step was to design and order a costume.  Instead of just throwing a standard costume idea at me she worked with me to design something that complimented my body shape best.  What I loved the most was that Heidi didn’t dictate to me, but was open to hearing my ideas and working with them.  We came up together on a costume that I loved!
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Sue Ellen Dent

I wanted to take the time to thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new and exciting World of Competing in NPC Fitness.

I had been competing in Figure for a few years and was begining to lose that high I felt that kept the drive  and motivation in the gym. I was looking for something new. A change to step things up and go beyond what I had already done.  I recall seeing clips of Fitness Women competing and wondered if I could ever be capable of accomplsihing the strength and confidence these women such as yourself  did in these routines on stage. I danced around the idea in the back of my mind for a year before I even made contact with guidance on the matter. I finally decided to bury my fears of fitness and meet with you.
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Heidi... I wanted to send a picture of me at Halloween.  My arms - thanks to YOU - are the most toned they have ever been!  I'm still doing all the exercises and eating the same food (I improvise a bit so not to get bored or burned out but try to stick to it as much as possible.)  I'm still not at my goal but like we talked about, it might take me a bit longer and even a little progress is something, right?!!?  Again, just wanted to say thanks!!!!  You are the best! 

Sharon PowellSharon Powell

I competed in my first Figure Competition on October 31, 2009 and placed fourth!!  I hired Heidi to put together my contest diet and help me with my posing and other ins and outs of competing.  The diet was the toughest part of the entire experience, but my knowing that Heidi is a pro at this is what got me through the tough times like when I had to eat tilapia and chicken for breakfast!!  Since this was my first show, I had a lot of questions, and she was awesome at explaining everything to me and letting me know that I was looking the way I was supposed to look and tweaking things as needed...

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Kara Nicole Finer

"As a Figure Competitor of four years....I had always been inspired and especially intrigued by fitness competitors but was told that because I had no background in dance or gymnastics that I wouldn't succeed in that division.  I then became dead set on proving that statement wrong and wanted to prove to myself and to the world that I would succeed.  This is when I sought the guidance and support from my coach and fitness choreographer IFBB PRO Heidi Fletcher/Sullivan. We decided to take on the challenge of competing in fitness together as a team. At first, I had struggled finding a credible coach to assist me in choreographying my routines and teaching me the strength moves I needed to step onto that stage. I knew nothing about competing in fitness and I was starting from ground zero. I wasn’t going to settle with just any coach… I wanted someone reliable, dependable and trustworthy. I wanted a coach who took me seriously and who would never let me fail...A coach who pushed me to my limits in order to reach my lifelong goal.  I wanted a coach who believed in my capabilities and who could help me reach the goals that I had envisioned. Heidi believed in me to the fullest extent possible.  she taught me that although I had lacked a gymnatics and dance background that I could still succeed. I have discovered a coach that has shown me extreme commitment and dedication in return to mine and I would have NEVER in my life have turned Pro without Heidi By My Side. I am TRULY blessed to have Heid in my life."

~ Kara Nicole Finer

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