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Regina DeLuca

I decided to hire Heidi Fletcher to choreograph my fitness routine for the 2009 Jay Cutler Classic contest in Boston because I had always been impressed with her own routines during her fitness career.  One thing that stood out to me was her ability to have a great energetic routine that displayed her talents very well, despite her not having a background in gymnastics. 

I picked out a theme and she took the time to do a phone consult to review ideas for music and guided me through the order process.  She even took the initiative to contact the music choreographer to make sure it was done right. 

The next step was to design and order a costume.  Instead of just throwing a standard costume idea at me she worked with me to design something that complimented my body shape best.  What I loved the most was that Heidi didn’t dictate to me, but was open to hearing my ideas and working with them.  We came up together on a costume that I loved!

So in between all of this I got the coolest routine that worked with my style, personality and skill sets.  Heidi challenged me to learn some moves that were very intimidating to me and she patiently helped me to achieve them!  This is the sign of an excellent instructor!  We practiced a bunch of times together and every time I left learning something new and being more motivated to do my best.  Heidi not only taught me my fitness routine as well as refining my posing skills, but sheshowed that she really believed in me.  No matter if my achievements were big or small, Heidi was there cheering me on through them.   

When the day came for contest, I was excited to do my best, not only for me, but for Heidi as well.  When you have a trainer or mentor that truly cares the way Heidi does, you can’t help but want to make that person proud.  All I could think of when I was on stage was that Heidi was watching with intent and excitement for me.  I didn’t even notice the hundreds of people in the audience watching!  I placed 4th out of 12 great competitors that day and achieved a huge goal for my 40th birthday!  My experience would not have been what it was if I didn’t have Heidi Sullivan as my awesome coach! 

~ Regina

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