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Sue Ellen Dent

I wanted to take the time to thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new and exciting World of Competing in NPC Fitness.

I had been competing in Figure for a few years and was begining to lose that high I felt that kept the drive  and motivation in the gym. I was looking for something new. A change to step things up and go beyond what I had already done.  I recall seeing clips of Fitness Women competing and wondered if I could ever be capable of accomplsihing the strength and confidence these women such as yourself  did in these routines on stage. I danced around the idea in the back of my mind for a year before I even made contact with guidance on the matter. I finally decided to bury my fears of fitness and meet with you.

I remember when I first came to see you a year ago; I was lost, scared and confused about where I stood with competing. I was so nervous about failing or not being able to have the strength to learn the mandatory moves or understand the concepts of the choreography that you were willing to teach me.

Through this journey; there have been many ups and downs and the process was certainly not easy.  You stood beside me throught it all. You pushed me when I thought I had nothing left to give. You never gave up on me when I was convinced this was impossible to learn since I had no gymnastics or dances skills at all prior to our visit.

You have opened my eyes to a whole new world and I am simply amazed at all the exciting things there are to learn about fitness. I competed almost a year later at my first Fitness Competition. I won Fitness at the NPC Eastern USA's 2009.

 I was still at a loss for words at all that you had taught me in the past year. I was shocked that I had actually stepped on stage and competed in my first Fitness Routine and simply amazed that I was capable of learning moves such as a straddle hold, pike hold, shoulder planch, 1 arm push-up, and split.

I am truely blessed to have had such an amazing teacher and mentor like you. I only hope that I can one day make an impact in another young womans life; the way you have in mine. Words alone can not express the grattitude and respect I have for you as an Athlete, Teacher, Mentor, Inspiration, and an Extrodinary Woman. I will never believe that we are limited in what we can acheive. I have seen the endless possibilities of what the body and mind can acheive. I have a new drive and a re-born spirit to excel and grow as a NPC Fitness Athlete. I am truely greatful for you opening my eyes! I know now that the possibilities are endless! You are truely an inspiration to me!! Thank you for not only being my coach but my sister as well!! I cant wait to learn another Routine for 2010 contest season. I know with you by my side; I will not fall!! You are an Angel in Disguise!

XO~ SueEllen Dent
Sue Ellen Dent NPC Athlete Fitness & Figure


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